The More-than-three Musketorcs

Orc for one and one for Orc!

Having seen the awful-but-fun new Three Musketeers movie… Another Mordheim Orc and Goblin Warband begins!

Hogtagnon (Orc Shaman)
The smallest and youngest of the MusketOrcs but the most hot-headed and impetuous, he is always running head-long into a fight he can’t win. Somehow he has never noticed that he is a Shaman and it is his magical powers that get him out of peril more often than not!

Wathos (Orc Boss)
The oldest MusketOrc, he is a swaggering drunk who is a grizzled veteran with a very dark outlook on life, which makes him seem brave to the point of suicidal.

Arrer-miss (Orc Big’Un)
The quiet and thoughtful one: skilled with a blade and armed with an equally sharp wit but he is suspicious and untrusting.

Boarthos (Orc Big’Un)
A greedy and gluttonous but optimistic Orc, he is immensely strong and loyal to the other MusketOrcs but stupid and vain.

Punchitt (Troll)
A lumbering and stupid oaf who is always eager to please Hogtagnon.

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